Projects to include in your web developer portfolio

Published on February 10, 2023 by Mia Wong

Projects to include in your web developer portfolio

As a web developer, it's important to showcase your skills and abilities in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the framework of your choice. Keep in mind that you want to showcase what sets you apart from others. It's not just your technical skills, but also your drive and willingness to learn.

How do you figure out what projects you want to include in your portfolio?

While a weather app or a tic-tac-toe game could seem basic, they give you an amazing opportunity to show off your skills as a web dev. To make it unique, you can put a spin on it. I personally made a weather app that would fetch a photo from the Unsplash API based on the location you've searched.

Another idea is to create something that solves a problem you face personally.

I've always been passionate about cooking and trying out new recipes. However, I found myself constantly losing track of the recipes I've tried and liked. That's why I decided to build my own recipe storage application, with a twist. I wanted to add web scraping capabilities to it so that I could easily store recipes from various websites. This project not only allowed me to showcase my web development skills but it also was something unique.

The process of building this application was not without challenges. I often got stuck and had to find my own solutions to overcome them. With the help of Google and StackOverflow. But these obstacles only fueled my drive to learn and push my limits as a developer. It's important to note that while tutorial projects can be helpful in learning, they do not show your capability to problem-solve and overcome challenges.

One tip I would like to share is to focus on the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). It's easy to get carried away with adding too many features and end up never finishing the project. By focusing on the MVP, you can ensure that you complete the project and have something to show for it.

Another tip is to deploy your project. This not only allows you to share it with others but also helps you improve your deployment skills.

Other ideas for showcasing your web development skills include building a weather app with a unique spin, an API-connected site (as a developer, you will often be working with data from APIs), a landing page for a company/business, a daily quotes app, a to-do list, a blog, an e-commerce site, a game, or a salary calculator.

In conclusion, building your own unique full stack application is a great way to showcase your web development skills, problem-solving abilities, and drive to learn. I highly recommend trying it out and see where it takes you. For inspiration, you can check out websites such as Happy coding!